Effective June 1, 2015, only Prasadams prepared by Priests / Paricharakas of Sri Venkateswara Temple will be offered to the deities and distributed to all devotees in the Temple premises.


S. V. Temple Management requests all devotees not to bring:
(i) Cooked/Prepared prasadam,
(ii) Dry fruits and nuts that are not factory sealed

for offering to the deities and distribution to devotees. This includes all areas inside and outside the Temple. We request you to kindly comply with this new requirement. Alternately, devotees are encouraged to make financial donations to the Prasadam Fund, which will be used to prepare Prasadams by Temple Priests and Paricharakas.


Please contact the Temple office for the acceptable list of items that you can donate.
We thank you for your understanding and continued support